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Mastering Medicaid

FL Medicaid 101

Better understand the design of the Florida Statewide Medicaid Managed Care System; Regional SMMC Medical providers, specialty plans, behavioral health delegation, member stats statewide, including proper enrollment and staffing for your practice.

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FL Medicaid Enrollment Training (1-on-1)

Connect via Zoom to complete an application together, review attachments, and the processes for ongoing enrollment needs.

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Background Screening Clearinghouse

Learn the purpose of the FL BGS Clearinghouse, how to register, look up a potential employee, and ensure your group practice is meeting clearinghouse requirements.

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Medicaid Compliant Files

Medicaid File Compliance

Part 1 of the Medicaid Compliance Series - Learn the basic requirements of a Medicaid file including forms, timelines, and necessary documentation. It is recommended to take this course prior to parts 2 and 3.

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Clinically Compliant Medicaid Files

Part 2 of the Medicaid Compliance series - A follow-up to Medicaid File Compliance, learn specific documentation requirements for consents, assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes from a clinical perspective. It is recommended to take this course after part 1 and before part 3.

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Document Compliance Deep Dive

Part 3 of the Medicaid Compliance series - A comprenhensive examination of documentation guidelines, including how to produce (or support clinician production of) such documentation, with individual and group activities for enhanced learning. It is recommended to take this course after parts 1 and 2.

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Practice Support

Billing 101

From bill codes and fee schedules to adjustments and ERAs, learn the basics of billing insurance for your services and getting paid consistently.

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Insurance 101

Common terminology and processes of insurance coverage, and how to accept insurance in your practice.

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Credentialing 101

Learn basic steps to credentialing, contracting, and maintaning your status with insurance companies, as well as the most efficient ways to change practices or to add new providers to your group.

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Hiring to Grow

Whether onboarding employees or contractors, ensure you do so strategically AND ethically to support growth and reduce liability.

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Ongoing Support

4 Compliance
Q & A Sessions

Join us for an open forum follow-up to the 3 part Medicaid compliance series. Get lingering questions answered by our knowledgable team.

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